podcasting exploration

I am not quite sure what I am doing but I created my first PODcast today. It was really easy. I went to http://www.garageband.com/ and set up a free account. Then called in my first clip from my phone. Logged in and published it to my playlist.

I can make a podcast to play my own recordings on my blog, but I can also simply use audioblogger.com to post them. Works the same way as GarageBand as far as calling in your message from a phone, but audioblogger posts it directly to my BLOG from the phone. GarageBand saves the recording in my master playlist, and then I have to publish it to my podcast later. With AudioBlogger, I can post ONE 5 minute message per post. With podcasting, I can post multiple messages into one channel which when published can be played continuously.

More exploring to do on this!

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