Blogging from Germany

I set up the collaborative blog some of our students used to record their journey through Germany over April vacation. 15 seniors and 6 teachers from the Facing History and Ourselves class embarked on a 13 day trip. They entered relfections and descriptions of their daily activities and experiences into the blog. I set up an audio account too and showed the teachers how to post video to Google video and then embed it into the blog. For the most part, however, they stuck with text entries. When they all got back to the states, the lead teacher started putting some photos in.

It was really fun getting it together for them and being able to read their experiences every day in “real time.” It will be extremely useful in getting additional funding next year for another trip.

It is cases like this in which technology enhances the learning experience. Yes they could have each written their reflections into individual hard-copy journals. But by entering them into a blog, their experience is shared immediately with their peers, their teachers, funders, and pretty much the whole world, who can in turn comment or create discussions online.

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