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I have finally made some offline adjustments (some? MANY!) to the TechBoston Academy web site. For the record, I was not in charge of the site last year, and many blank pages were posted in the hopes that content would magically appear. Ugh. This winter, I had originally assigned students to make the updates as part of their learning experience in Design Studios, but they were pulled from the job when their grades dipped too low for such a privelege. So it came back to me. Next year, however, I plan to assign webmasters from our student body.

I have created a blog for our school’s news and announcements, published the feed to our site, and allowed subscribers to get emailed updates. I updated the ASP-enabled calendar, replaced that OLD photo in the header and inserted more images throughout the site. The navigation has been restructured, and the information updated such as the staff directory, mission statement, and directions. The basic layout remains but there is more content that can and should be added. Of course, it is an ongoing process.

So why am I blogging when there is FTPing to be done?! Get on with it!

I was ready to deploy at 2:00 Friday when…the network connection slowed down way too much to FTP. Irritating! Look for changes this week!

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