Master’s track

Last fall, I was officially accepted into Harvard’s Masters of Liberal Arts Educational Technologies program (ALM in ET). I have been working toward my license over the past 2.5 years in the ITL program there, but it has since morphed into a Masters program. I have been both a contributor to the program’s development, as well as a bit of a guinea pig! I realized that I seem to be drawn to “start-ups” – first iDL systems in 1999, then TechBoston Academy in 2002, and the CTE/ITL program in 2003. I take pride in being an innovator and having a major role in a program’s development, but I do recognize that I can take on too much or be taken advantage of in the process.

I am looking forward to completing the Masters program by the end of next year! I will be able to apply for licensure after my Adolescence class is done (and passed!) this May 10. I am eager to make a decision about my thesis topic – so many are brewing in my head :

1) the role of emerging social media in the classroom
2) the integration of NWCET and SCANS standards into the curriculum
3) professional development : bridging the gap between practice and theory
4) the uses of technology as a teaching and learning tool
5) the new basic skills : what today’s students need to be successful participants in the workplace
6) Assessment and accountability: how do we measure student success?
7) The impact of mass media on female adolescents

…I am looking forward to working on it!

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