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It’s a great time to be a sports fan in Boston these days…The Sox play game 2 tonight of the ALCS, the undefeated PATS take on the Cowboys tomorrow, and there’s even some hope for the Celtics…So I’ve posted this retouched photo made by one of my media students in honor of one of my favorite Sox, David Ortiz!

Students in Media Seminar used industry standard retouching techniques in Photoshop to create “realistic” photos of themselves in a future job or place that connects with their social, academic, and professional goals. These images are part of a larger animated identity piece in which students reflect on where they are from, who they are, and where they are going, incorporating voice overs and imagery to reflect their identity.

Additionally, we studied the ethics of retouching images and the kinds of messages that manipulated media send. As part of a reflection on this project, the students were asked how to identify manipulated imagery based on a reading I provided, and reflected on when it is acceptable to manipulate imagery and when it is not. We had some great discussions in class, and hopefully after the reflections are posted in the class blog, we can have some online discussions as well.

Oh about that class blog…BPS blocks inconsistently, so my original collaborative blog on won’t work. Plus the school’s email server blocks the invitation emails to the students. Kids need a GMAIL account to even post. I have since figured I need to install a word press blog on my own or the school’s server. I did correspond with a BPS OIIT member who was unsure what teachers were using across the board. He did recommend which I will check out too. Bottom line is, once again, a great online tool is “banned” from usage in the classroom, and teachers like me who see the educational value in it, have to find a workaround. Like using shareware to grab FLVs off of youtube to show in school since Youtube is blocked as well!

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