I just signed on to update the Teen Voices web site on a monthly basis. I am excited to be partnered again with this great organization. I am NOT excited to have to pick up where years of a variety of “webmasters” left off…with no site map…or comments in the code…or templates…Sometimes the most difficult web design jobs are the ones like these! It sounds like a simple job when you are asked to update a site’s content, but when the code is messy (its not exactly w3c compliant!), the folder hierarchy is not mapped, and the workflow is not optimal, it can in fact be far more arduous! I also have to be careful of my hours, and resist the urge to spend time “cleaning house”, when I am being paid by a non-profit with limited funds. It is an online magazine, too, so I am wondering why it isn’t syndicated?! RSS to the rescue!! That’ll have to be “phase 2.” Happy to be on board ( and get some extra spending money/Christmas cash )!

PS :
I realize that I never posted about the 2 sites I made (from scratch) this summer :


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