During the first phase of the video PSA project, the media makers have been given a 4 page proposal to fill out, which include a storyboard and “pitch” piece. Their mission is to convince the big time movie producer, (me), to fund their film. They must pitch to me their “30 second elevator speech” and use industry standard vocabulary to identify shots and angles in their storyboard. If I approve it, they will be given a camera, tape, and my blessing. The first team to be approved gets to use the marker for a week. (the marker was originally a $25 wall art from Bed,Bath & Beyond, until my dad added hinge on the side! We will use post-its to mark up the “slate”. This is low-budget filming, folks, we gotta be creative!).

So far, I have 2 teams who are reaching out to local middle school students and addressing peer pressure and responsible video gaming. Another team is exposing stereotypes, and another is investigating the cultural divisions in the city’s neighborhoods. An older team is taking on the truth about STDs, and another group is promoting after school alternatives to gang memership.

I’m super excited about their ideas and keep pushing back “What is your message?” “Who needs to be in your audience?” and “Who are you helping in the community?”.

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