Direction from the director

Although students are required to plan out their shots in a storyboard before even getting a camera, there is still a continuous planning process as decisions are made on the fly and choices are made about how to get the best shot for the scene. The project becomes self-directed and entirely in the hands (literally!) of the students.
Interesting angle!

The teams have been steadily filming over the last 2 weeks and coming up with some great stuff! I have been sitting 1 or 2 or more down on-the-fly to introduce them to Premiere so that they can see what is possible in terms of editing. It also allows them to think about any more shots they may need if they can see the timeline as it builds before them. There is no cut-off for filming days, but of course the editing process takes the loooongest and often sneaks up on the kids! Teaching them time management and scope is a challenge and often involves constant checking-in and group discussion.

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