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Sunday April 20*


On the bus (again) for another 6 hours to Krakow from the Czech Republic. Our hostel, the Czech Inn, was super neat and tidy and modern. The showers were soooo fabulous. We had our own kitchen too and a roof deck in the suite I shared with the 3 other female chaperones. I spent a painful 2 hours online after check-in, struggling to post the “reflections on Dachau” video to the blog.The connection was soooo slow even checking email was tedious. But I have been determined to keep our readers engaged and the media posts in sync with the kids’ reflective text posts each day.  Basically, will not render the video embed code provided by Flickr. We tried alternatively to use Teacher Tube, but their code too was not allowing the video to embed. We resorted to linking to the Flickr video from a thumbnail photo or text link. I’d prefer to keep all of the video and photos in one online account anyway. Another slight bummer is the Twitter. The phone works internationally but doesn’t text! So we’ve been updating it online each evening. We just don’t have enough time at the end of the day, and the bus rides prove too cumbersome to get any editing done (plus I am getting a bit car sick typing this up!). The #1 priority is to make sure the kids are happy, healthy and safe (and in bed!) so more time is dedicated to them than anything else, understandably. I am psyched to see so many comments from friends and family on the blog and the kids get a kick out of it too. We are trying to post short “shout-outs” to home by each kid in response to their relatives’ posts, but again the time and troubleshooting is slowing that all down. I know it’s a learning process, but it was a goal of mine to post “in the moment” as much as possible on this trip to keep the blog engaging for our captive audience, and relative to our daily activities. I haven’t posted to my own blog since Day 1 in Munich! I hope to post this offline note sooner rather than later but I’m afraid the connection to upload video and photo is weak.


*this post was originally written offline on the date included within this post. 

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