I’ll meet you in Paris!


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That may have sounded all romantic, but it was actually a business meeting I set up with my contacts overseas in the UK. Julie Slater (pictured, left) and Kim Walton (pictured, right) from the Outwood Grange School in the UK met me (do I have to say, pictured, middle?!) Sunday in Paris to plan an international exchange between our two schools. We are super psyched about it and are kicking it off with a Leadership Exchange between our teachers the first week in June. Participating students and teachers will (hopefully) use the Ning social network tool to manage their virtual exchanges and culminate the project with a travel experience. AND, I did manage to carry that big umbrella to the airport and through customs and recovered it at Logan. It is an Outwood Grange tradition that the umbrella be pictured with all international students and teachers. I couldn’t say no!

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