Spring cleaning in November

aaaahhh that feels better. I finally got onto deicious and cleared out my sidebar by moving my bookmarks into my delicious account and next i need to merge them with my igoogle bookmarks. im hoping this allows me to share my favs and find others who share my interests and know more useful sites. plus it de-clogs my sidebar and allows my bookmarks to be mobile. i feel lighter!

The update of my sidebar includes :

My Blogs : my list of blogs that i have authored or co-authored. The blog roll includes the Facing History summer civic video project blog, the 12th grade Facing History Europe Trip mobile blog, the 11th grade Media Literacy Seminar collaborative class blog and its companion lesson-planning blog.

My Communities : the social networks and groups that I am a member of.

My Global Classrooms : the classrooms/schools around the world that I have built connections with. I hope to add many more!

My Links : a link to my delicious account.

My Feeds : a link to my public Bloglines account.

We are creatures of schema and so I would love to stay up longer and keep organizing and adding to and merging my data BUT I haven’t been feeling well and probably should have been in bed 2 hours ago. This is what a Conference does to you – it gets the old ideas whirring again in your head, puts the new ones at your fingertips – just ONE more key stroke and then I’ll go to bed! – and revitalizes your passion for your job. Doesn’t even sound right to call it a “job” – more like a “privilege” – but then again, I’m glad (at least my sniffles are) that tomorrow is Friday.

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