Wow what a wonderful day and the staff here at Renaissance made it so super special for both the children and the faculty. T-shirts were made and given to everyone, an arch of balloons spelling out “hope” was posted in the front lobby for everyone to walk under, and our IT staff worked hard to pipe direct-tv into the classrooms and auditoriums for viewing it live, as well as a taped version later, for our 1240 kids!!

Our hosts at MIT also provided a memorable day for our small group of 6th graders. Ms Bloom and I helped these 8 children create their own movie about what hope means to them, and they presented it to MIT’s Comparative Media Studies and Urban Planning employees and students on campus. They gave us great snacks, cut-out Obama faces, and red white and blue beads, while we watched the live ceremony. MANY thanks to everyone who hosted us and appreciated the kids wonderful work! They were soooo proud of themselves. I will post the video soon…

Inauguration Day at BRCPS

Inauguration Day at BRCPS

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