Conversations in a classroom : “still no luck”

Every morning, I stand and help traffic kids safely down the stairwell to breakfast. And every day, a first grader stops and updates me on his luck in the lottery :

“Still no luck.”

“No luck? I’m sorry.”

“I think I need to try the cherry ones.”

“Where are you buying these tickets?”

“At the Store 24.”

“Well, keep trying. Just remember me when you win. I could use a couple bucks.”

“500 dollars is not a lot of money! I need more.”
“Really? What do you need it all for?”
“It costs a lot of money to fix up this school.”

“Oh, you’re gonna fix up the school?”

“Yeah. It needs a lot of work.”

“Why do you wanna do that?”

“To make the learning process faster.”

“I need at least 300 to fix the computers. And then my grandfather can come in and fix the rooms. He’s a construction worker. But that takes more money. That’s why I gotta save.”

“Well, it is really nice of you to want to help make the school better.”

“Yeah, and we need more floors. We need 20 floors so more kids can get here faster.”

“Wow! These are great ideas. I hope you win big.”
“Yeah. I think they are giving me little kid cards, though. I gotta look into that.”

“You do that, man! Have a great day!”

“You too.”

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