Madama Butterfly

i know its a beautiful day outside, but act 1 of puccini’s madama butterfly was gorgeous, even in a movie theatre. the cameras actually also follow the actors off the stage live where they are interviewed by the host backstage. very different experience. i like it. i can see what i couldnt see from theatre seats…but id still like to be there to hear it live.

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One thought on “Madama Butterfly

  1. lisakate

    So the opera is heart-wrenching, especially Act 2, which is a very demanding performance for a soprano. Butterfly was excellently portrayed and performed, with child-like mannerisms and emotional expressions, let alone amazing singing. However, I think I would have preferred she looked the part more. Their 3 year old son was a puppet, controlled by 3 puppeteers dressed in black. At most times they blended into the backdrop, but at some critically emotional interactions between the mother and son, as the cameras zoomed in, I found myself looking at the puppeteers’ faces, and I think I would have felt even more emotion and a stronger connection with Butterfly’s love for her son, if it were an actual boy in her arms, actually looking at her as she blindfolds him, actually standing in front of his father for the first time, disowned. But the argument can be made that some of the acting needed by the boy (he never sang of course or talked) could not have been guaranteed if it were real, and that even having a real young child on stage can distract the singer. I would be curious what the NYTimes review says of it all.
    Overall, I was quite pleased. I think being there I would have missed the close-ups on the faces to see their emotions, as their movements were fairly minimal as was the stage. But I would have loved to have taken in the power of those notes in person!
    It is odd how opera just sort of stirs you up inside. I was emotional on the ride home afterwards, but I didnt really know why!
    I am going to see the last MET performance of the season this time at Patriot Place in some lux seats – the Cinderella story.


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