Kinder computer class

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my first Kindergarten computer class yesterday. The K2 kids from 504 filed in and we talked about what computers are used for, what the parts of a computer are, and how to treat a computer and the lab. We then got onto the machines and students were shown how to log in and off, and how to launch the internet.
The discussions on the rug were so intriguing – I was not surprised to find that these kindergarteners know a LOT about computers and the web. When asked for tips on how to treat the computers I heard “don’t bang the screen!” and then “don’t SPIT on it!” – all good advice. I was told that a laptop is “a computer that opens and closes”, and they giggled when we agreed that computers are not thirsty or hungry, so no food or drink in the lab. This particular class knew their numbers and letters and could recognize them on the keyboard, and they followed directions well, with an occasional “oooo” and “this is the COOLest!” comment when we had “entered the world wide web”.

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