Session 8

I attended a session about integrating media literacy standards into Grades 3 and 5 Social Studies.

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4 thoughts on “Session 8

  1. Jayne Hanley

    I attended a session about integrating Teachers’ Domain Media with Technology to impact Teaching and learning. Great website for science! I have already signed up and explored the site. You can search by grade level and everything is aligned to the standards.

  2. msradden Post author

    I am so glad you checked that out! We use United Streaming for video integration, but I think that WGBH’s Domain is a better account to have,

  3. Josh McGuire

    I went to the do-it-yourself white board based on Johnny Lee’s presentation at TED (any chance we can go to that next time Lisa?)
    basically for $60 and $1,000,000 in patience, you can make you own smartboard using a wii remote and a pen you make. there were a lot of calibration errors because he was using a screen that was not stationary but he uses it in his class a lot and loves it.
    His blog, with more of what he uses and how he uses it is here:


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