Grade 6 Eportfolios: Year 2

Record your narrative

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Our 6th grade students have been doing a tremendous job learning a new operating system on the Apple mac minis, how to connect to and manage files on a server between Windows XP and Apple OS, and how to create their own digital stories using the iLife suite of software. Mr. Dodson and I have been keeping a dicussion board in a NING of our curriculum’s daily lessons and materials while sometimes Skyping during planning meetings (sometimes it is hard to catch an elevator at lunch time!). So far in one term, the kids have written their scripts in Keynote, scanned, photographed and edited pieces of their academic work using Photoshop Elements, managed their photos in iPhoto, and paired up to make an imovie about a sample topic. When we return form break, they will have all the tools, skills, and content to pull their individual eportfolios together in iMovie!

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