We won!

I’ve twittered about this but didn’t bother to post the details here on my blog! The timing is still relevant as just yesterday I attended the reception for all ARRA Title IID grant recipients at the DESE in Malden. I applied in October and was notified in December of our winning of the a little over $98,000 in equipment, software, and professional development to support and enhance our ELA curriculum with technology! It is a 2 year grant and we have already begun. The equipment is being prepped this week, and the planning with all invested parties – principals, teachers, IT specialist, and coaches – will begin next week.

With the funds we were able to purchase a “Mobile Literacy Lab” – 26 Macbooks, 12 32 GB ipod touches, 2 mobile carts, 2 sets of A/V speakers, a projector, a Mac Server capable of hosting wikis and blogs internally, and almost $50,000 worth of 3 years of licensing and upgrading our current reading intervention software, Lexia.

And then the age-old question follows the WOW! (or the COOL!): What are you going to do with it?

More to come…

( :

Here is the grant application:

And here is the Awarded Announcement page (we are Boston Renaissance):

Out of 81 proposals, 34 were selected. Woot!

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One thought on “We won!

  1. Lexia Learning

    Congratulations on your successful grant award!

    Lexia is pleased to be a part of Boston Renaissance’s initiative to help all students become readers for life.

    Woot! Woot! to you and Boston Renaissance!



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