Spring cleaning

I have been in deep in a (slow) transition of my home computer to a Macbook, and of my TV to Apple TV with Time Capsule, so I have felt very out of sync with my media, including with this blog. I had my work flow down between my phone, my camera, Flickr, this blog, iTunes, my ipod…and now its still a bit questionable. But I am getting there. I really like having my music and movies accessible by my TV or computer at any time, and with AirTunes, I can play it all on my computer’s speakers and/or the TV wirelessly. Time Capsule is a whole 1TB of storage space and a much faster router for the wireless connection I need to stream all of this around the house. BUT, I haven’t quite got the syncing with my computer’s iTunes down, so I find myself double checking where my files are when I download them. I have a list of things still to do, like a spring cleaning, but it is a beautiful day today in Boston that really should be appreciated since we were flooded (in some places, quite literally) with rain for three days last weekend!

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