Ireland 2010


I would like to take O’Neills pub in Dublin, stuff it with the following things, put it in my pocket and bring it back to Boston with me, please:

  1. O’Neills’ Irish stew, cabbage, carrots and mashed potatoes, it’s pour your own pint tables, the live Irish music, and it’s rooftop beer garden
    Irish Stew
  2. Guinness of course!
    Megs Ireland Pix
  3. The Nana from Cashel 
  4. the Train system – its so comfy and hassle free
  5. the Aran air
    Sleigh Head tour
  6. the dancing Tir na nog from Inishmore 
    Tir Na Nog!!
  7. Baileys coffees at Temple Bar
    Temple Bar
  8. Black currant Guinness 
    Guinness Factory
  9. Nutella crepes 
  10. Epic Galway
  11. That song!!! What is that song?! 
  12. The Grand disco in Kilarney
    Kilarney Jaunting Ride
  13. GAA players 
  14. Sheep
  15. Chris deBurgh seems to be popular there for some reason
  16. Don the Paddy Wagon tour guide 
  17. Car bombs
  18. The dolphin in Dingle!
    Fungi the Dolphin!
  19. My pot from the Randy Leprachaun
  20. a Dublin phone booth
  21. Rebecca and all of our Aussie bus tour buddies
  22. tea at Bewley’s on Grafton Street
    overlooking Grafton Street
  23. the scones at the Gresham
    The Gresham
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