A renaissance of the Renaissance

It feels like September has come and gone in a flash! The Boston Renaissance School has opened its brand new doors in Hyde Park successfully! I have been VERY busy getting the brand new technology in place in the classrooms and labs, including the Audio/Visual equipment, laptops, and wireless. I am excited about my Instructional Technology team and the opportunities that our teachers and students will have with our support! It is time now to focus on professional development and curriculum.

Additionally, I have been redesigning the school’s web site (finally!). I am excited to launch it this week! I spent the last two months adapting a wordpress theme (Atahualpa 3) into the site by carefully selecting the right plug-ins and widgets, and converted the old content into the new structure. I included a blip.tv channel to showcase our students’ video projects, a Google Calendar to keep school-wide events communicated to parents, and set up a news blog that, combined with twitter and tagging, features a “hot topics” and “announcements” section on the home page that syncs with our Facebook profile. With the school Google account, I also set up a Picassa web album to maintain the web site’s images – it has made embedding photos into posts very easy! I also used wordpress blogs to maintain the Kids’ sections of study tools and make the interface more “kid-friendly.” Any day now…check back here!

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