MASSCUE 2010 Day 1:Session 1

I am writing from Gillette Stadium at the MASSCUE Conference today. I am very excited not only to learn some new things, but for my TLT team of “Technology Lead Teachers” to learn as well! Already there have been some wonderful discussions about ways to implement some of these strategies and share the resources we have seen today and yesterday, and the excitement from the team is inspiring! I set up a group on the classroom 2.0 ( NING for us where we will post and discuss what we’ve learned this week at MASSCUE. But Ill post the details of my sessions and reflections here as well.
Session 1: Keyboarding
I went to the Document Camera session but the presenter never showed! ) : So I skipped over to the Keyboarding session lead by Gabrielle A. Richard-Harrington. Her mission is : Kids can learn to type as they learn to read!

Her typing curriculum is web-based at and is founded in the the Diana King Method ( which essentially revolves around a series of poems to help kids practice typing:
“Pinky reaches A
Ring finger on S
Middle finger D
Pointer F.”

She begins at Grade 1 and in 5-6 lessons kids know how to type, but it is the PRACTICE that really makes the difference. So she gives them typing games at after each lesson as homework.

Day 1=home row – tell the OT who needs help!
Day 2=A-Z
Day 3=P-Z
Day 4= “other keys” – come up with a poem for these!

Grades 1-5:
Go to
Grades 6-8:

Other methods:
➢    Get software that has a dictation piece because (Type2Learn 3) because they will have to type notes in college or at meetings while listening.
➢    Use Keyboard Masks (washcloths over their hands) to keep them from looking at the keys all the time.
➢    Use AlphaSmarts – PRINT the alphasmart keyboard out and post it on each child’s desk for practicing at any time, even in their teacher’s classroom as a 5-10 minute activity.
➢    Use a document camera to project and show proper typing on a keyboard – see point2view $79 document camera (
➢    Have kids pair up, and one reads the sentences while the other types, then switch.
➢    Make booklets of the poem and the practice words, and have the kids come up with their own words to practice as well.
➢    Paint mini hands on mini white boards.
➢    Use KEYCAPS (a mac font) to make keyboarding quizzes.

Her MASSCUE presentation and handouts will be posted at:

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