MASSCUE Day 1:Session 2

Session 2: Engage, Enrich, and Reinforce

presented by Reading Specialists

This session was SO rich with web resources and easy ways to integrate them into reading and writing lessons! AND the best part is that they are FREE!



Reading Resources:

1) practice spelling and learn vocabulary, then test directly on the web site and print results out. Can upgrade to a premium package to track progress.

2) collaborative storytelling and creating your own books online. *No student email is required!* and allows uploading children’s own pictures.

3) make your own 30 second clips (FREE), and you can apply for educators membership for FREE access as an educator (

Online course builders:

1) Moodle: post assignments and assign discussions in the forum


News sources for kids:



Voicethread: supports fluency

1) students speak and record their voice and upload pictures to tell their story

2) teachers can record instructions

3) teachers can provide graphics and students respond by speaking

Glogster: make interactive posters at

Assignment: assign a vocab word and make a poster about the word. Takes 10 minutes to

Vocabulary raps:

see edgar allen poe:

Character development: to make the characters in their books based on the author’s description and inferences. Also can use to make animated characters and speak their character’s words. “go back to the text” is exciting for them!

(you can rotate small groups or pairs of kids to work on the projects on computers)

Plot development: makes newspaper clippings

Make your own cartoons or comics: (30 day free trial software but then you have to pay).

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