Off and running, er, scratching!

Wow! So my plan today was to introduce the new unit to our TechSperts: Internet Safety and Scratch. We began with ending our previous unit by giving out excellence in photography and photoshop awards to each student, as well as a color print out of their completed photoshop project. Then I began to show them examples of the Scratch projects that the TechSperts did last year, to give them ideas about what they will be making…and instantly…HOOK…we were in Scratch on the projector and a student stepped up to show her scratch skills she learned over the summer and next thing I hear “Can we try this now? I have so many ideas!! I know what I wanna do!” and each one was on their way. They played around with the sounds, costumes and scripts for about 20 minutes, and then ended with their first blog posts here.

I had intended to instead move into the Netsmarts UYN presentation and activities. We will begin the next lesson with that so by the end of Day 2, they will have internet safety tips to design their games about. I like the flow!

A TechSpert programs a ballerina to rap on stage using Scratch!

A TechSpert programs a ballerina to rap on stage using Scratch!

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