Teachers Meet Up and Share Scratch at MIT Media Lab

Yesterday, I met one of my BRCPS colleagues at the MIT Media Lab for a “Teacher Meet Up” about Scratch. There was a wide range of experiences with Scratch in attendance, and I appreciated how the organizers accounted for that in the structure of the day. It is my goal this school year to help classroom teachers learn how to integrate Scratch into their curriculum, and attending the Meet Up not only connected me with other educators using Scratch, but it also gave me some ideas about how to design an Intro to Scratch workshop for my colleagues at BRCPS.
I also gained a project idea for my TechSperts to do the next time we meet: “Animate a Word.” I don’t know why I didn’t think of this project before! This was my first assignment when I was learning animation in Director back in college, and I have assigned it to my high school students in every one of the Flash courses I used to teach.
I am looking forward to working with my colleague on a Scratch project with his 5th graders in ELA! I got some ideas about rubrics as well to incorporate into the assessment of the project.

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