February 14th My first day of Scratch

Hi my name is Techspert010 and i am fourth grade TechSpert at Boston Renaissance School.”  A lot of people wonder what is scratch, well i’m going to tell you what it is. Scratch is a fun website that you can download or go online to see. you can create a movie, a game, or you can just explore around to get to know things on there so the next time you go on scratch you already know where some of the things are.I t’s really fun once you get the hang of it.The scratch project  i worked on today is ”ABOUT ME” and what courage ment to me.Sometimes when you think you can do it without mistakes you actually do. That’s what happened to me,I got stuck on how to make my about me project about me showing courage.When i had trouble with scratch i asked my teacher Ms. Radden she really helped me. I got unstuck by when i asked a teacher for help. If you have trouble you can always ask a teacher. I hoped you liked my blog.  Techspert010 out

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