February 14th my first day of Scratch!

I am a fourth grade techspert. at Boston Renaissance Charter Public ¬†School. To me, scratch is a way you can express yourself and be creative. You can create your own scratch or use the ones they have. The project I worked on today is Courage. I got stuck on making my scratch move back and forth to a beat while other music is playing. I finally figured it out by putting a wait one second block between each move 10 spaces block. It was a very fun experience today. What does courage mean to you? To me it means facing your fears and trying something new. Also, trying something your scared to do even if you don’t want to. At first I also got stuck on choosing the music. At first it only played for 5 seconds but I put a forever block around it and my problem was fixed. You should try scratch too! There is no wrong or right way. Try it! It will be fun!

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