February 15, 2012 My Scratch Project!

Hi! My name is Techy88798 and I am a 5th grade Techspert at the Boston Renaissance School. Scratch is a program where you can do almost everything with your sprite. A sprite is mostly the character or characters in your screen. You can make them walk around, or make them do a little dance and so on. you can do a ton of games and activities on scratch. Its the place where you create your own virtual world. Its where your imagination is free.

The scratch project that I did today is the courage. Where you aren’t scared of anything. mine is where nobody can tell you who you should be with for the rest of your life.

Something i got really stuck on was when I went on the internet and i looked up benched and I wanted to make it as a sprite. So Ms. Radden gave me some advice and all I had to do was save the picture is a folder and take it out for scratch. Then i had to cut out the edges to make it look real. If Ms. Radden didn’t help me, then I wouldn’t know what to do! ¬† ¬†THANK YOU MS. RADDEN!!!!!

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