Me and my friend are making a game about internet safety. Our game is called HELP THE MONKEY ESCAPE!! And the game asks u things like …..” What would you do if a person like ( WANNA KNOW WALLY) asks to meet you in real life?” Some of the choices would be to …. Tell a trusted adult or to do not meet face to face with anyone you meet FIRST online! Or one of the choices could meet them without permission from your parents. If you picked the wrong one the monkey falls down and gets right back in place and if you pick the right answer JoJo the monkey will go to the next tree. By the end of the game when he escapes there will be a lot of bananas for him to eat. The whole point of the game is to teach you guys about being safe online. So, thats the end of my blog…….. TECHSPERTS010 OUT PEACE!!!!!!!!! ┬áHOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED MY BLOG

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