Learn Launch 2013

I was able to attend the first day of Learn Launch 2013, Across Boundaries: Innovation & The Future of Education (http://learnlaunch.org/2013-conference/). This was an opportunity for entrepreneurs in elearning to meet and discuss not only the impact of online learning on the K-12 classroom but to also engage in a dialogue about the challenges of making that impact on the K-12 market. The entrepreneurs present at M.I.T. consisted of over 400 investors, educators, students, and developers.

The overall feeling of the day I was there was that this is an exciting time to be involved and invested in K-12 elearning. With the ever increasing sharing of knowledge online, the Internet enables education to be free, open, remix-able and customizable to the learner. Students who can learn anytime and who can get immediate feedback are better learners. Teachers become the “experts” whose content is accessible anytime to more students that he or she could have ever physically fit into a classroom. And with the emergence of better analytics in learning management systems that tie student success in learning outcomes with the teacher’s learning objects, now teachers can get immediate feedback and become better teachers.


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