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Madama Butterfly

i know its a beautiful day outside, but act 1 of puccini’s madama butterfly was gorgeous, even in a movie theatre. the cameras actually also follow the actors off the stage live where they are interviewed by the host backstage. very different experience. i like it. i can see what i couldnt see from theatre seats…but id still like to be there to hear it live.


Yesterday one of our teachers invited her friend to visit our school and speak to our students about his experiences as a concentration camp prisoner and survivor. He is an 85 year old Polish Jew who survived the Krakow Ghetto and was liberated from the Mathausen death camp on May 5, 1945. His story was shocking, sickening, inspiring, and saddening, made all the more vivid to me by my connections with my recent trip to Germany and Poland. He recalled his final moments with his mother and 13-year old sister before they were shipped to the gas chambers from the train station I stood in on the Krakow bike tour. He described the barracks, many of which I saw on our tours of Dachau and Auschwitz, and how they slept and were worked to death at Mathausen. He admitted that he suffered greatly from the guilt of surviving, along with two of his brothers, and that the one thing that inspired him to fight to live was the tremendous hatred he felt towards the SS. He hated them for not only the way they treated him and his family, but for the horrors he witnessed them enjoying, and for the battle he nearly lost inside his soul to maintain his own humanity and the integrity to still believe in the good will of humankind. He ended by thanking the kids for listening so intently and respectfully, for telling his story is a part of his own healing process. As so many survivors are approaching their own natural deaths, it is a privilege to be able to witness their accounts first-hand.

Learn more about the Mathausen death camp.

3d u2

I went to see “U23D” at the iMax theatre on Saturday and it was FANtastic! The movie is 85 minutes of select tunes from a show on the band’s Vertigo tour through Argentina. It was incredible! Not only was Bono reaching out towards me, (always a plus), but I could get a real feeling of what he sees from the stage. At times I felt completely enveloped in the mass of hands reaching out towards me during “One”, and in awe of the faces illuminated with pure joy during “Pride (in the name of love).” I definitely recommend it to any U2 fan, and I hope more artists adopt this format. I love going to concerts, and reliving them on DVD, but nothing has come close to the real thing except this. ( But it is still not even better than the real thing.) I hope the rumors are true and the band tours again!

PS : I would definitely see another 3d film at iMax – they have some deep sea documenary out. But no way am I going to “SHARKS:3D”. No way.

Salem witches

In honor of Halloween, I am posting this pic taken in Salem 2 weeks ago on a junior class field trip. We watched a reenactment of a witch trial, and walked around the streets and shops just before the rain broke out. Salem is a beautiful little town with a not so lovely history of injustice!