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May 9th 2012, My design process

The part of my project i’ve worked on today was the part of when Maddie told her big sister Vanessa about Jacksonville455 on the computer that asked Maddie for her information.Thats the second part but its going good.

We dont need help. Every thing is going fine on the project.I cant wait until we finish the game we made. Thats what i did today thanks for reading this blog.


May 9, 2012 My design process

Today we will be working on the second level of our game. We might need help need help on trying to figure out how to add in points and how to change over the levels. We also might need help on making up audio to say. But other than that we are doing quite fine with our game.

- Signed
Technofreak027 and Techstar7200

April 25, 2012, Staying Safe Online

Hi. This is TechGirl5251. Today we are making Scratch projects about internet safety. Our project is about two characters, an evil one and a good one. Our project is going to be about the two people waiting for the bus. The evil one asks questions to the good one. Your the good one and you answer the questions. If you get the answer correct, then you advance to the next level. But if you get it wrong, the evil one asks you harder questions and you go back a level. The users will learn about what’s a good answer if people ask you personal questions.

April 25, 2012 Staying Safe Online

My partner and I’s Scratch Game is awesome!!! If and when you play, we’re teaching everything about online safety. Like……. how to not spread information about other people, to slow down about what your posting, to tell a trusted adult if you feel unsafe, IGNORE. BLOCK. TELL, only friend people you know in person, don’t use your real name in your username, and many many more. Theres many ways to stay safe online but some people don’t think about what they do before the do it. So me careful and make smart decisions!!! :) :D :) :D

Staying Safe Online

April 25,2012
Dear Readers,

I’m going to answer some question about Techiegirl 448 and tech girl 135 scratch project.

1) Our scratch project is abouut a girl and she is on the social networking website and she does not know what do.A stocker named jacksonville455 and if you get all the question wrong she led to a bad sitations .if them right all the question right she saved and she get points