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April 24, 2012 My Wonderful Scratch Project!

       Hey I’m  Techgirl13 I just want to talk to you about my internet safety scratch project and how users like you will learn about how to use internet safety this is for viewers like you thank you!!!!!!!  Now this is a game for every one to play it  and by playing it you learn how to stop bulling from going on we have tried to stop and we want you to do this for us  so if you see any bulling please try to stop it with your words not hands please




Me and my friend are making a game about internet safety. Our game is called HELP THE MONKEY ESCAPE!! And the game asks u things like …..” What would you do if a person like ( WANNA KNOW WALLY) asks to meet you in real life?” Some of the choices would be to …. Tell a trusted adult or to do not meet face to face with anyone you meet FIRST online! Or one of the choices could meet them without permission from your parents. If you picked the wrong one the monkey falls down and gets right back in place and if you pick the right answer JoJo the monkey will go to the next tree. By the end of the game when he escapes there will be a lot of bananas for him to eat. The whole point of the game is to teach you guys about being safe online. So, thats the end of my blog…….. TECHSPERTS010 OUT PEACE!!!!!!!!!  HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED MY BLOG

April 24,2012

Hey this is 237456. We are working on projects about internet safety. Users will learn about why you wouldn’t answer a question that you aren’t familiar with without asking a parent or guardian .

April 24,2012 Staying safe online

Our game is about net smartz characters to catch the outlaws . each time they catch a n outlaw users learn a new rule to stay safe online.It helps  kids or anyone who plays our game understand about how these outlaws and good guys are good and bad their are such as WEbster and  potty mouth pete.Our game will secure that children will not become cyber bullies as well as stop being cyber bullies it will also spread the word out into the world to children as well as adults.Outlaws vs. team nets smartz is a great game to teach your young ones its fun and it teaches kidsabout staying safe online and provents kids and anyone to be a cyber bully and makes cyber bullies realize they are hurting feelings and should stop before it becomes a even more mager situation!!!!!!