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DLP underway

ImageShackI am halfway through my involvement in The Digital Legacies Project and loving it! This week the students have been logging Aroll, annotating the transcripts, and writing their narratives. Every member of the crew logged the same tape of their interviewee in order to get to know the footage. Facing History hired professional crews to film the A roll, retakes, and B roll of Boston to assist in getting high quality footage. The students conducted the interviews as well as filmed from their own perspective. I have been spending all of today digitizing the tapes using Premiere. The file management is so critical, and must be prepared for Digital Arts Alliance to come in and work with the kids in the editing process next week. I think DAA will be blown away by the skill level of the students. I taught them Premiere basics last Wed and Thurs and they were flying with it!

I am anxious to see what stories they come up with, the connections they made with the activists they interviewed, and the visuals and sound they choose to use in their films. There is SOOO much footage and SOOO much you can do with it in Premiere, that if they do not come into the lab with a plan, they will be overwhelmed and waste precious time.

ImageShackI have been learning a GREAT deal from this program about what to incorporate into my own digital video curriculum during the school year. The DLP kids are doing WAY more than my students did, not necessarily because they are more capable, but there is more time, greater focus and importance on the end product, and hey, the students are getting PAID, not GRADED, so this is a job they are into and may pursue in college and a career.

I’d say the majority of my time has been spent in the lab making sure all the equipment works, software is installed, and supporting the students in the use of the equipment and software. I have also spent any extra time taking photos and recording footage in an effort to record the process we are all going through. I have been maintaining the blog as well but it has been tough keeping up with all that is going on and changing every day!! Check it for yourself at!

Facing History and Ourselves : Digital Legacies Project kickoff!

I went from beach bum to working 14 hr days! My eyes burn as I write this…but it DOES feel good to be “back.” I reported to TBA on Monday for the first day of my participation in the Digital Legacies Project for Facing History and Ourselves. I am basically managing the lab, teaching the students Adobe Premiere, and helping to manage the logging, script writing, and production of the students’ documentaries.

The 10 students selected for the program are fantastic! They come from all over the city. Being back around high school students gets me excited all over again about all things technology…They are vibrant, on the cutting edge, enthusiastic, curious, investigative, and above all, passionate about the skills and concepts they are learning. They have brought experience & confidence to the table too, which makes the curriculum a tad bit easier to teach.

 Today was the major lesson of the week which was file management, intro to Adobe Premiere, capturing and logging digital video, and basic effects and transitions. They all seemed to get it under their belt, but for each crew, there is always one who is hands-on and strongest out of the bunch for editing.

They are conducting their interviews today and tomorrow so they are both nervous ad excited all at once. One student got a nose bleed during the anticipation! But he managed to pull himself together into his oversized suit jacket! So cute. The girls are super confident and it is so awesome to see them step up with the tech skills, teaching back and taking control of the footage.

 The Facing History team is a great group of people to work with! We are all equally flexible and creative and energetic, and when we are not, one steps up for the other at just the right time! The curriculum is a pilot for FHAO, so indeed we are constantly adapting it, changing objectives, and adjusting activities at the last minute.

The knots in my back that usually develop in early September, were back on Monday! And between this and teaching at Bunker Hill on Tues and Thurs right after a day of FHAO program…well, let’s just say that a long run or tall glass of wine are both effective ways to eliminate the knots!

All in all, I am lookin forward to what the students will produce in the next 2 weeks. You can read their reflections and daily summaries on, yes, another Blog that I manage :

Client : TBA

I have finally made some offline adjustments (some? MANY!) to the TechBoston Academy web site. For the record, I was not in charge of the site last year, and many blank pages were posted in the hopes that content would magically appear. Ugh. This winter, I had originally assigned students to make the updates as part of their learning experience in Design Studios, but they were pulled from the job when their grades dipped too low for such a privelege. So it came back to me. Next year, however, I plan to assign webmasters from our student body.

I have created a blog for our school’s news and announcements, published the feed to our site, and allowed subscribers to get emailed updates. I updated the ASP-enabled calendar, replaced that OLD photo in the header and inserted more images throughout the site. The navigation has been restructured, and the information updated such as the staff directory, mission statement, and directions. The basic layout remains but there is more content that can and should be added. Of course, it is an ongoing process.

So why am I blogging when there is FTPing to be done?! Get on with it!

I was ready to deploy at 2:00 Friday when…the network connection slowed down way too much to FTP. Irritating! Look for changes this week!

NSF Grant project

I attended the second working session of my collaboration with BATEC on an exciting project funded by the National Science Foundation. The NSF has a series of Advanced Technological Education centers throughout the nation, and I am involved in one here in Boston. ATE centers partner with IT industries to develop best practices, instructional materials, and professional development to better prepare high school and college graduates to excel in high-tech jobs.

I am building a syllabus and a project for my 10th grade Advanced Web Development class which explicitly integrates the NWCET and SCANS standards. It is very useful to be able to document the employability skills and technical skills my students are learning, and to envision synergy between the high school, community college, 4-year college levels and IT industries.

More background info…
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is the federal government’s only agency dedicated to the support of education and fundamental research in all scientific and engineering disciplines. Their mission is to ensure that the United States maintains leadership in scientific discovery and the development of new technologies.

The Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program, under which BATEC is funded, specifically focuses on improving the education of technicians in the areas of science, technology and engineering at the undergraduate and the secondary school levels.

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Blogging from Germany

I set up the collaborative blog some of our students used to record their journey through Germany over April vacation. 15 seniors and 6 teachers from the Facing History and Ourselves class embarked on a 13 day trip. They entered relfections and descriptions of their daily activities and experiences into the blog. I set up an audio account too and showed the teachers how to post video to Google video and then embed it into the blog. For the most part, however, they stuck with text entries. When they all got back to the states, the lead teacher started putting some photos in.

It was really fun getting it together for them and being able to read their experiences every day in “real time.” It will be extremely useful in getting additional funding next year for another trip.

It is cases like this in which technology enhances the learning experience. Yes they could have each written their reflections into individual hard-copy journals. But by entering them into a blog, their experience is shared immediately with their peers, their teachers, funders, and pretty much the whole world, who can in turn comment or create discussions online.

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