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Flash meeting with UK

Last Thursday I was invited into a Flash meeting with teachers and principals in the UK. Here’s a Screenshot :
Flash meeting

It was pretty seamless – the live video streamed quickly. When you want to speak, you click on the orange hand to get in line (the “queue”) and then your video appears in the main screen when its your turn. The group had a specific agenda, so I was kindof eavesdropping…just to get a sense of the tool. Thanks Ian! More on the ways in which we are working together soon…

iPods are taking over the world…

…or at least your living room!

Today Apple Computer Inc. introduced a speaker system for its iPods and a Mac Mini computer updated with Front Row software that will let users access music, video and photos across their home networks. An added feature of the Front Row software will let users locate and share media content from other computers within a local wireless network. This means a user can play songs or stored TV shows that are pulled off a computer in another room in the house.
Cool!! Synergy is becoming a reality.

But of course, Microsoft is hot on the trail – Check out “Origami” on March 2!

Gadgets and geeks in Vegas, oh my!

The Consumer Electronics Association kicked off its annual conference in Las Vegas yesterday! The big idea is “convergence” – imagine ONE wireless remote to control and connect your tv, stereo, dvd, gaming station, computer, and more to each other…New audio, video, gaming, wireless, mobile, and digital imaging gadgets and applications were revealed from over 300 major consumer electronics companies…AND it is all taking place in Las Vegas…even MORE fun times for gadget geeks!!

Wish I was there…

podcasting exploration

I am not quite sure what I am doing but I created my first PODcast today. It was really easy. I went to and set up a free account. Then called in my first clip from my phone. Logged in and published it to my playlist.

I can make a podcast to play my own recordings on my blog, but I can also simply use to post them. Works the same way as GarageBand as far as calling in your message from a phone, but audioblogger posts it directly to my BLOG from the phone. GarageBand saves the recording in my master playlist, and then I have to publish it to my podcast later. With AudioBlogger, I can post ONE 5 minute message per post. With podcasting, I can post multiple messages into one channel which when published can be played continuously.

More exploring to do on this!

Blogger as a CCDT

You can use a blog as a collaborative curriculum development tool!

My colleague and I are co-teaching our Media Seminar class to the juniors and seniors. Team-teaching can be as challenging as it is rewarding. One of the major headaches is keeping track of the awesome lesson plans and project ideas that we seem to change on a daily (if not hourly) basis. So I am blogging our lesson plans, and revising them as we reflect on what worked and did not work each day. It’s a bit of work, but I think it will pay off when we need to repeat the curriculum in the second semester (and in years to come!).

I am blogging our lesson plans here :