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FlickrView a photo gallery of classes in action on my Flickr page and check out samples of student work created in some of my classes below. Read descriptions of the corresponding curriculum here. Please report any broken links here.

Grades K-6 sTem Fair Projects. Boston Renaissance Charter Public School. (2010 – 2012)

sTem Fair Vimeo PageThe sTem Fair @BRCPS is a week of school-wide showcases and celebrations of technology at the Boston Renaissance Charter Public School. Throughout the school year, teachers integrate technology skills and standards into their curriculum to enhance their students’ understanding of subject matter. At the sTem Fair, students present their projects to each other, to families, and to community guests. The week of presentations culminates in the annual 6th Grade ePortfolio Showcase. A sTem Fair project is a technology-rich, standards-based, student-created artifact of 21st century learning.
View all of the projects presented at the sTem Fair at BRCPS on Vimeo at:

K1/K2 and Grade 3: Scenes from sTem Fair Presentations on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 from Boston Renaissance on Vimeo.

Grade 1 and Grade 5: Scenes from sTem Fair Presentations on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 from Boston Renaissance on Vimeo.

Grade 2 and Grade 4: Scenes from sTem Fair Presentations on Thursday, June 7, 2012 from Boston Renaissance on Vimeo.

Grade 6 ePortfolios. Boston Renaissance Charter Public School.  (2008 – 2012)

6th Grade ePortfolios

An ePortfolio is an electronic portfolio, or a digital story, about a Renaissance student’s academic achievement, citizenship, and career and college goals. Students select examples from portfolios of the academic work they have collected since Kindergarten, and apply critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills in order to synthesize images, music, and text into a cohesive story. The curriculum is approximately 20 hours long, takes place 1 hour a day using the macbook mobile lab, and is integrated into the 6th grade writing block.

The ePortfolio demonstrates:

  1. achievement in all subject areas,
  2. achievement of 21st century technology skills and knowledge, and
  3. an understanding of confidence, character, and citizenship.

Each year, special recognition awards are given to students who demonstrate excellence in digital storytelling, such as Best Editing, Best Sound, and Most Creative. The students and external evaluators, including students from China and Greece, evaluate each other’s movies according to a rubric and cast their vote for the Showcase Finalists. Teachers and external partners select the special recognition winners through an online voting process, and some donate prizes in sponsorship of a particular award. The winning students premiere their ePortfolios at the annual ePortfolio Showcase during sTem Fair week, in front of an audience of their peers, parents, and community partners.

View all of the winning portfolios on Vimeo at

Melina’s ePortfolio – Best Sound from Boston Renaissance on Vimeo.

6th Grade ePortfolio Showcase, June 8, 2012! from Boston Renaissance on Vimeo.

The Making of the Class of 2012 6th Grade ePortfolios from Boston Renaissance on Vimeo.

Grade 4, 5, and 6 TechSperts Academy Internet Safety and Game Design. Boston Renaissance Charter Public School. (2009 – 2012)

TechSperts Scratch GamesTechSperts Academy is an advanced technology class for selected 4th, 5th and 6th grade students that meets after school. Students learn how to support their teachers and classmates in the management of the technology in their classrooms, as well as Internet safety skills and knowledge and game design. Students create video games in Scratch to teach back to their peers how to stay safe online, and present their games at the annual International Scratch Day at M.I.T.

View all of the TechSperts Scratch Games at:

Scratch Project

Scratch Project

The TechSperts attend Scratch Day at the MIT Media Lab from Boston Renaissance on Vimeo.

Grade 9 Web Essentials. TechBoston Academy. (2002 – 2008)

Grade 10 Advanced Web Development and Work-based Learning. TechBoston Academy. (2002 – 2008)

Grade 11 Media Literacy. TechBoston Academy. (2002 – 2008)

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