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Blogs, wikis, and chats, oh my!

Teaching students 21st century skills also requires first that the teachers understand what they are and are able to integrate them into their own work environment! Teachers must be able to collaborate, create, distribute, and access educational content of their own. Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis and chats, digital authoring tools such as iLife on the Apple or Adobe Creative Suite on the PC, and mobile technologies such as ipods and laptops, are named the best tools to teach 21st century skills to our country’s emerging workforce. http://www.ali.apple.com

On our January PD day, I walked our K1 kinder team through their own wikispace in which they can share resources. They also joined a blog in which they can type up and search for password-protected lesson plans. I was originally asked to make a database (ugh! Access!) and was relieved that they were enthusiastic about these tools instead. I must keep the momentum going and hopefully help all the schools’ staff develop similar resources and skills!

I am also developing my own IT wikispace as it not only helps me learn the tool inside out, but to organize the IT resources into a central location for everyone, including myself!