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Civic media in Pakistan

I just read this interesting article on MIT’s Civic Media blog

Despite the nationwide broadcasting blackout imposed by Musharraf on Nov 3, Pakistani citizens are using SMS text messaging over private networks as well as web forums and blogs to help organize protest efforts, communicate with each other what’s really going on, and to get the local news out to world wide news outlets. In fact many people who do not normally participate on the web, are joining forums online, and getting their television news broadcasts from online outlets like Youtube. “…the government’s attempts to gag the media in the wake of emergency rule has been met with much defiance both online and via cell phone networks. Journalists, bloggers, activists, lawyers and concerned citizens throughout the Pakistani diaspora are making use of various media outlets to maintain the flow of accurate information and organize protests.” Check out the WIKI posting only a day after the emergency rule, and even teenagers, who don’t normally get involved in local politics, are generating support and discussion on Facebook. The entire article is worth reading.