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September in February

Phew. This week has been super tiring. Grades were due and the semester changed so this week is like September all over again for me. Print out syllabi, go over expectations and policies, set seating charts and basically get to know a brand new set of 150 names and faces! In a way its a great opportunity to recharge mid year, and revisit the curriculum and refine it. BUT it can be tiring too and you never know what these impressionable freshman will come into your class with after a half a year of high school under their belt with a different teacher. I am super excited though to meet them and find out who among them is ready, eager, and willing to be a media maker!

I am…I am from…I am going to…

A special shout out to “Justin” from Blip.tv support who helped me figure out why I couldn’t cross-post…My blog had no title so it didn’t show up in the list to choose from. Doh. Takes me back to coding…Up all night in the engineering lab and DOH it was that ONE COMMA that screwed up the 50 pages of code!!!! Sigh. I kindof miss those days in a sick way. Literally. We ate swedish fish and drank red bulls to stay up.

Term 1 ended today and although they are not ALL done yet, the few identity “I am” flash projects I have seen so far are awesome! I uploaded one to Blip today just to see if I could post SWFs. Success! Enjoy :

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