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Graduation Day

Speaking of graduations…I forgot to blog about my very own! The never-ending story of the Thesis has finally come to an end! From March until mid May I was intensely writing the paper with the assistance of my two AMAZING advisors, Dr. Diane Tabor and Dr. Betsy Grady. I most definitely would not have been able to even imagine the finish line without these two mentors. Although at times the stress of daily writing and analysis had me seeing double through tears of fatigue, I really did enjoy the overall writing process. I enjoy writing, but collaborating with such experienced writers and researchers as my advisors clearly eased the pain. So I started with 17 pages and not enough data in March, and ended up with 150+ pages and rich data that revealed significant and relevant findings entitled “Making Media and Making Citizens.” I ended up winning the Dean’s Thesis Prize for Most Outstanding Thesis, and graduated June 11 with the Masters in Liberal Arts Education Technologies program from the Harvard Extension School. I was asked to present my topic at the Thesis forum – it was actually quite challenging to take it from paper to powerpoint!

Graduation Day was a wonderful experience. Although I had to get up “wicked” early to attend the all schools ceremony in Harvard Yard, I am glad I witnessed it. The long list of honorary degrees were “impressive” to say the least. The skies opened up in time for the smaller program ceremony afterwards in which we received our diplomas and prizes. I finished the day off with my family at dinner by the Harbor at the Daily Catch, low-key and delicious!

I am so relieved that it is done and over with, and very proud to have finished so strongly. The question posed to me already is…what’s next? I say: the beach!

I will post the abstract here from home…soon.