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Lisa Kate worked with me on a K-12 project funded by National Science Foundation. Her expertise in curriculum design, development and delivery (pedagogy as well as technology) has been invaluable. Lisa has a very strong work ethic and can be counted on to contribute work of the highest quality. I plan on working with Lisa on more innovative projects.

Joyce LaTulippe

President of e-Learning Agents

February, 2013

Lisa Kate is great to work with. She is extremely talented, and worked with us closely from start to finish to transform our web site and update our social media capabilities. We will continue our relationship and will partner with her to provide our clients with similar services.

Dominic Slowey

Owner, Slowey/McManus Communications

January, 2013

[Lisa] is bright and passionate about educational technology and media production. She is a talented teacher of both students and teachers. Her creativity in web design and media is extraordinary. Lisa is a very diligent and hard worker. She can work independently to complete complez projects, and I have seen that one of her strengths is working with teams to design curricula and motivate teachers in their own professional learning.

Ann Koufman-Frederick, Ph.D.

Deputy Superintendent for Teaching & Learning
Newton Public Schools

August, 2012

I really enjoyed watching her [Lisa] create programs that benefitted the students and teachers in the building. One of the programs that she initiated was an e-portfolio program in which our 6th graders were able to highlight their achievements before they graduated. We had the students produce an iMovie that included sound and video of students talking about their experiences. I also saw her create a program for selected students from 4th, 5th and 6th graders. The students in the program called themselves ‘Techsperts’, and they were responsible for all the technology that was given to their classrooms. Ms. Radden did a great job training them to use all sorts of technical equipment. One of the fun projects that they did was a ‘Scratch’ project on bullying, and presenting it at the MIT Media Lab on Scratch day. The biggest event that she create was an event called, ‘The STEM Fair’. This event was able to get the whole school involved with showing their technology projects to other classrooms. She was able to have outside vendors, technology directors, parents, and students attend this great event.

Ernest Dodson

Technology/Media Specialist
Boston Renaissance Charter Public School
December, 2012

As her thesis advisors we came to appreciate the breadth of her experience, talent, and expertise. We found her thesis, Making Media, Making Citizens, impressive for several reasons. Our recommendation for her prize-winning thesis described it as “straight-forward, balanced, sound in methodology, and elegantly written.” Lisa wrote about an educational technology curriculum project on media making that she herself designed and taught to students, who in turn used their skills to engage in service learning projects that helped nonprofit community clients in the Dorchester/ Mattapan area of Boston. The study produced strong evidence to support her thesis that “making media for the community is a positive influence and facilitator of the development of an understanding of good citizenship among students who participate in these types of programs.” It suggested how technology instruction in schools can be a bridge to positive engagement in the larger community. It provided an example of the kind of teaching and learning that helps students see the power of technology for positive purposes, and their own power to make a positive difference. Given current concerns about young people’s preoccupation with media for frivolous and/or negative purposes, the study was timely, instructive, and a powerful example of the kind of pedagogical intervention that can engage urban students and provide meaningful direction for their lives.

Diane Tabor, Ph.D., and Betsy Grady Ph.D.

Lecturers in Psychology, MLA Research Advisors,

Harvard University

December, 2011

Lisa provided extraordinarily valuable services to both teachers and students participating in the 2007 Digital Legacies Project. Her vision, attention to detail, and passion for in-depth digital learning made this inaugural project a tremendous success. Given the opportunity, it would be an honor to have Lisa be part of any production or consultant team.

Howard Lurie

Director of Program Technology
Facing History and Ourselves

February, 2008

Lisa and I have worked collaboratively on a number of educational technology projects. We jointly ran a classroom-based program where her web students worked as consultants for local clients in a reality-based learning experiment. I have also contracted Lisa on several occasions to conduct a series of professional development and skills enhancement training sessions for my students. In each endeavor, she makes sure her outcomes are tangible and measurable; with distinct checkpoints along the timeline to ensure success.

Eric Esteves

Program Director, TechBoston Consulting Group
Boston Public Schools

April, 2008

Lisa is excellent to work with in every way. She can take an approximate description and figure out how to make it work and how to code it in a way that makes sense. If you give her something to start with, she will improve it. If you have no idea how something should/can be done she will look it up and figure it out. In addition to that, her personality is pleasant, she follows through, wants to get things done, etc. I can recommend her with no reservations whatsoever.

Phil Buckley

Founder, 1918.com

October, 2007